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2011: First Ride

January 14, 2011

Okay, actually the second ride. I went for a quick 20k spin around Mineral Springs on the weekend, but Tuesday was my first real ride of the year. Up Second Concession Rd to Harrisburg and home along Jerseyville Rd. It was pretty sleety and we got dumped with quite a few centimeters of snow that evening, but the ride was terrific, even at -10 degrees. After a month without riding, I felt really strong on the way out, after climbing Brock Rd. As I started the return leg along Jerseyville Rd. and got slapped in the face by a nasty headwind, I discovered that my feeling good on the way out had a lot to do with that wind pushing me along. The last 20k home sucked. Really sucked. It must have taken me more than an hour to get through that slog. I took consolation in the fact that if my toes decided not to fall off (I really need to get some booties), this was the kind of ride that would solidify my status as a hardman. My toes didn’t fall off, but my feet were numb by the time I got home, and it took quite awhile for the red and swelling to go down.

All the same, it was great to be out. I spent a bit of time debating as to whether it was more in hardman character to really hammer it in these conditions or do my best to savour the ride. I think I wound up somewhere in between.

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