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Snow… Again

March 6, 2011


It’s like Murphy’s Law or something. It’s been a busy semester, and finding time to get out for a ride has been tricky. There’s been little room for spontaneity, so I’ve had to plan ahead for rides. We had 30mm of rain on Saturday, but I wasn’t able to ride. Sunday, though, I wanted to get out for a long spin. The snow was gone, the rain had cleansed the world, and the forecast for today was to be cold and clear. All good. I’ve learned not to get my cycling gear out the night before, but I’d already decided on the warmer gloves, and which jersey, etc. The route was sorted. I was also imagining how I would tackle the climbs.

At 3:30 this morning, our daughter—having managed to wriggle out from under her covers—woke up a little cold. I don’t think we have any formal routine as to whose “turn” it is to go up to her (she usually sleeps through the night anyway), but my wife came back to bed and informed me it was snowing. Heavily. All that anticipation, and there’s really not much of a Plan B. Sigh…

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