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March 18, 2011

Tomorrow is Milan-San Remo Day: the first of the great pro cycling Classics of the year. 298kms punctuated by a frantic chase in the final 20kms. Some crazy stuff and incredible history. At the end of the race—at the 290km point—is the Poggio. The small hill. If the pack is still together, this is where the selection is made. While the climb is not terribly long and not terribly steep, it is narrow and the hairpin turns spread the peloton out. The descent is even more frenetic. Witness Sean Kelly’s incredible win from 1992:

Around here, we don’t have any climbs like the Poggio, but you can bet that my ride tomorrow will be hunting for some short, uphill sprints and some winding descents where I can lean into the turns.

As a cyclist, I’m also a big fan of pro cycling. As much as I love watching, I also feel I should be out riding instead of watching and catching the highlights on my return. But to do that is to miss the real drama of the race, and rely on some sportscast to determine for you what was important. Still torn, but with spring definitely here, tomorrow morning looks like the right time to get in the first longer ride of the year…

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