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March 19, 2011

Today’s ride: 51km—to Kilbride via Snake Rd. and Cedar Springs

Weather: Dry, cloud with some sun. Cool.

First ride of the year during which I wasn’t cold. I even left the lobster claw gloves at home and went with the slightly lighter ones. Still arm- and leg-warmers, but a good ride. Sensations were good, even if I was deliberately pushing a slightly smaller gear on this route than I would have done last fall. The ride to Kilbride is one of my favorites. Climbing out of the Dundas Valley along Snake Rd. winds slowly up into Waterdown. The grade isn’t particularly fierce—not more than 5%—but it goes on for 1.8km. Still a good training climb, which I will no doubt attack more aggressively as my fitness improves. Cedar Springs Rd. also has some nice descents and climbs on it. I felt more confident descending than on previous rides this winter/spring and my legs and lungs felt good. Fitness still needs work, but I was pleased with the cadence, which was steady, and being able to work a bigger gear than I anticipated. The sun kept coming and going, and while spring is quite present in the valley—crocuses (croci?) are shooting up on our street—there was still a lot of snow on the ground, high water levels in the creeks, and frost in the cracks of the road up near Kilbride.

I had intended to add another loop along Twiss Rd., but was late leaving this morning, and just turned back as I rounded Kilbride. Kilbride itself is nothing more than a sleepy community—a mix of executive homes and farms. But the roads are good, smooth, and quiet. There’s some really nice riding to be had, evidenced by the number of other riders I saw. Almost all of them coming the other way. Clearly, the changing season is putting more riders out on the roads on weekend mornings.

On the way back, along 6th Concession Rd., I was stopped by a train.

waiting for a train...

I could see the train in the crossing from several hundred meters away and slowed down. I still had to come to a stop for several minutes. Starting up after a longish break, I felt a bit stiff and cold, and really had to push hard to get my rhythm back. Home for lunch and shooting for another ride tomorrow.

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