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Weather: Are you Serious?? Part Deux

March 23, 2011

This snapped on my way home. At least 15cm has fallen today, and there’s very little sign of the snow subsiding. It’s March 23, and we’re back into the depths of winter, which is a little disappointing, especially after having had such nice, spring-like cycling weather on the weekend. And especially after having taken the snow tires off the car last week. Heigh-ho.

Riding in was risky business this morning, but the recently plowed roads were at least navigable, even if I was fishtailing everywhere (snow tires: that would have been a good investment!). Nasty headwind/crosswind/swirling stuff, and snow—if that’s what it was—stinging my face. But it’s mornings like this that make you feel alive. Good gear in this kind of weather is also a must, and maybe I should post a more substantial piece on winter cycling gear before the season changes (it would appear I have some time). Good gloves, glasses, and pants make a world of difference.

Coming home sucked. Lots of snow drifts, few clear tracks, even on the main roads. Alas: logging good cycling kilometers looks as though it’s going to take a hit this weekend…

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