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The Genius of Hindsight

March 24, 2011

It occurred to me the other day—after all this was up and underway—that the more sensible way to manage Egan’s Wager (and easier for me) would have been to log all the family’s cycling kilometers against the car. Especially since I was tinkering with the kids’ bikes so they could ride to school as the weather gets better. Between the two of them, I would have “earned” an extra 20+kms a day. No matter: I’ll embrace the bigger challenge.

Sadly, I’ve dug myself quite a hole over the past week. The combination of snow, kids needing new clothes, the hassles of trying to retire the Volvo, etc., have resulted in our putting an inordinate number of kilometers on the car this week and not nearly enough on the bikes. I had hoped to go for a morning ride, but the snow sent me to the gym instead. 15cm of white stuff later (it’s the end of March, for crying out loud!), sun has cleared the roads, so perhaps a ride this weekend is in the offing.

Along similar lines, I’ve noticed that going uphill is much harder than pedaling along a flat strip of road. Some recognition of upward momentum might have warranted some consideration. And some measurement of work or heart rate. Rolling gently is much easier than really grinding the gears. Heigh-ho.

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