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No Cars Go

March 30, 2011

Today’s Ride: 20km—Mineral Springs loop

Weather: Sunny. Below freezing

I’m a morning rider. Afternoons involve time with children, getting them to and from various after-school activities, and all of us at the dinner table together. All great things. It means, though, that if I’m to get a ride in, I need to squeeze it into the a.m. While daylight savings effectively cut an hour into potential riding time, the days are getting lighter earlier, so that’s already a bit of a wash. I like that the ride will shape the day (rather than the other way around, if I rode after work), even if it does limit the amount of time available to ride.

Today’s soundtrack was Arcade Fire’s “No Cars Go,” which was swirling around in my head. Quiet morning and quiet country roads. I felt strong on the climbs, but a little tentative on the descents. Coming down Sulphur Springs Rd. can be a little dicey. In the summertime, there’s often a lot of gravel on the curving descent, and you need to be mindful of that. Today, it was ice. The last couple of days have seen a lot of the snow melt in the sun during the day, but the evenings have been cold and the runoff froze across the road. Combined with the road being tree-lined, giving it speckled light, it was hard to cut the cleanest lines on the way down.

After the last few rides have included pictures of empty road, I thought I should include myself in the pic today. I was amused to see the little demon on my shoulder. Not sure if he’s the good angel or the bad angel, but since he seems to be pointing me back to the road to get on with the ride, let’s go with the former. Helmet way, way up on forehead: don’t know what’s up with that…

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