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Six Days of Rain: Day One

April 4, 2011

Ride: 20km—Mineral Springs

Weather: Rain. Wet roads

7:26. The street lamps went out. That was my queue. Kitted up and headed out. After torrential rain overnight, I think I might have managed to pick the perfect hour to ride. While very little rain came from above, the wet roads made sure I got substantially soaked.

The regular Mineral Springs loop, but I elected to go up Wilson St. instead of the Old Ancaster Rd. Wilson has very little going for it in terms of interest or appeal. It’s a main throughway with a long and steady 5% climb. It’s lone redeeming quality on a day like this—visibility was also quite poor with low cloud cover—is it has something approximating a bike lane.

Today was probably the warmest ride of the year. I woke up to a forecast of 2 with 60 kph winds, but the wind was non-existent. The trick to staying warm in the wet is to get warm before you get wet. So I started fast, but not so fast that I was going to run out of gas (and then cool down fast). But I underestimated what above-freezing temperatures actually felt like (it’s been so long!). As a result, even the wet didn’t dampen spirits (this was, of course, a pretty short ride, but still…).

Anyway, Day One is in the books. I thought I might ride the same course in reverse tomorrow and then tackle a couple of the area’s bigger and nastier climbs on Wednesday and Thursday.

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