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Gilbert the Crocodile: Breaking Down Liège-Bastogne-Liège

April 23, 2011

I wrote briefly about la Doyenne the other day, and hinted that I fancied Philippe Gilbert to win (in style). That’s a done deal, now. If you’re one to bet on these sorts of things, all money should go on Gilbert. You see, my daughter has a stuffed crocodile (shown here) called Gilbert. Every night she goes to bed with her crocodile, the cyclist does well the next day. On Wednesday, she slept in and I was able to watch most of Flèche Wallonne before she came down. I don’t think she went to bed with Gilbert the Crocodile—and I really thought Gilbert the Cyclist would keep his powder dry for Sunday—but she came downstairs clutching the crocodile. The race was 20km from its conclusion, and I knew it was a done deal. Gilbert was going to take it. And he did. In very, very impressive form. Since Gilbert’s my uninspired pick for Liège-Bastogne-Liège (uninspired since he must be the prohibitive favorite), I’ve stacked the deck in my favor. My little one is still bouncing around in and out of her sandbox on the back deck, but I’ve strategically placed Gilbert the Crocodile on her pillow. I’ll check in after she’s asleep and make sure it’s still there. And then I’ll bet her college fund on tomorrow’s race…

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