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Jeans in a backpack—in cycling kit

May 1, 2011

Ride: 25km—To and from Royal Botanical Gardens, but it was too nice to go directly

Weather: Sunny, starting to feel like spring

I had hoped to report on two rides. I commuted by road bike to a weekend symposium in Burlington on Saturday, and planned to repeat the trip today, but rain on the forecast left me making a quick decision to forego today’s ride. The forecast looks good, though, for Thursday’s ride out to Guelph.

Yesterday, though, was beautiful. It was depressing to think it was only a 12-15km ride in the morning. The temptation to veer off and continue rambling the local hills was great. On the way home, too, although we were expecting company, so I hurried home along the most direct route.

When riding, I typically head west, away from the city and towards the rural areas that way. It’s lonely and quiet, and rather pretty. Almost never do I think to stay in a more urban setting, but I was struck by the number of cycling lanes and possibilities out in Burlington, especially along the bay front. Driving in this morning, I saw dozens of cyclists rolling up and down that way. Maybe worth more of an exploration in the future.

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