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Housekeeping: Bikes to Rwanda

May 4, 2011

I’ve been talking rather a lot about myself so far, logging kilometers and rides, when the point of this blog had more to do with fundraising for Bikes to Rwanda. You can find the summary of what my goal is here. Basically, I am looking for people willing to sponsor me for a penny for every kilometer I ride in 2011; money raised will be donated to Bikes to Rwanda, which sends cargo bikes to independent coffee co-ops in Rwanda. My goal remains to ride roughly 5000km this year; it would be great to get to 100 sponsors.

As a means of (hopefully) ensuring return visits from readers and also pressuring myself into more regular action, here’s what I have in store over the next few months. When I’m not riding and logging kilometers, I’m putting together a series of pieces on Rwanda’s history and present. In addition, I’m hoping to line up some interviews with folks at Bikes to Rwanda and friends with some connection to cycling, coffee, and/or Rwanda. Hopefully, that will generate a range of conversations that might help to stimulate awareness about a series of bike, global environments, and human rights issues, all of which are important to me.

Being a relative blog-Luddite, I’ve not worked out how best to facilitate an online pledge form for prospective sponsors to fill in, so I’m still taking pledges by e-mail to A name, a pledge, and an e-mail address will put you on the list, will result in a higher total on the right-hand bar, and my gratitude. In addition, feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions on topics I should be writing about. Either by e-mail or on the blog’s discussion board. Thanks for checking in!

Tomorrow: I have to give a talk in Guelph. If the morning’s weather matches the forecast (sunny), I’ll ride there and back and try to pack on almost 100km roundtrip. The cycling season is now well underway, and it’s time to get in some longer rides.

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