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Lightening the Mood: The Life of an Elite Cyclist

May 13, 2011

This as counter-balance to yesterday’s musings about differences between professional and amateur cyclists. The following is a parody of myself—and the amateurish notion/delusion that the leisure rider might have “what it takes” to be an elite cyclist. I’ve had variants of these conversations. Perhaps you, too.

Some months ago, I dabbled with the animated video maker, Xtranormal. It’s a fun little site. Ostensibly, the plan was to create a series of short videos to build into my teaching, but I never got that far. Instead, I tried to recreate quasi-fictional scenarios of conversations with my wife after a ride. Surprisingly, the first has received more than 15,000 hits (I’m still kind of proud of being able to “climb well for my weight”). The second not as many, but how many of these would you really want to sit through anyway? Apologies for the strong language (perhaps NSFW). And rest assured, no children were harmed in the real or fictional events. And my arms are still attached—just as well, since typing would be a nuisance…

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