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May the Road Rise to Meet You

May 14, 2011

Ride: 25km—Local spin, up Weir’s Lane

Weather: Warm, almost muggy

Just a quick post to log this morning’s ride. It was one of those mornings where the legs felt a bit heavy and the idea of climbing really wasn’t tempting. I dawdled and delayed leaving, trying to come up with some appropriate ride that didn’t involve any hills. The problem with living in a valley is that that’s a bit of a difficult order. In the end, I took the opposite route. Just one climb, but the steepest around. Weir’s Lane. It’s not especially long—600-800m—but severe, pitching up towards 17%, which is pretty nasty. In spite of my reluctance to climb before I set out, I handled the local wall fairly well, “sprinting” up out of the saddle. Sprinting might be generous, but I was out of the saddle and keeping a pretty good cadence the whole way up. The hill has a couple of turns in it—not switchbacks, but sharp enough that you don’t have a full view of what’s ahead. At the top, there’s a 100m reprieve, before another short, steep hump, which can be a bit of a soul-breaker. I handled this less well, but managed nonetheless.

The first bend in Weir's Lane

From there, I just rolled across the top of the escarpment before returning to the valley and stopping at Domestique for an espresso and the final 5km of today’s Giro stage. Rain on the forecast for this weekend, but good to get in a final ride of the week.

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