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Another Day…

May 24, 2011

Today’s Ride: 53km—Burlington and home via King Rd.

Weather: As pleasant as it gets

My son turns 14 today (which is tougher on me than any number I could associate with my own age). We went out for breakfast to Domestique (his choice) and dropped the kids off at school late. Bit of a family tradition to celebrate birthdays with breakfast out—nice way to start the day. We all agree we should do it everyday, but budget and schools would frown upon that practice.

Upon returning home, my wife almost pushed me out the door for a ride. Bit of a relaxed roll without pushing it too hard—still holding off wanting to take any training “to the next level,” but that didn’t stop me from attacking a few hills. King Rd. was the biggie, but made all the harder because of nasty winds at the bottom, which had me bagged and going backwards before I even hit the steeper pitch. It gets up to 15-18%, but not for very long at all. Enough to wind you, though, especially if you were already gasping for breath at the bottom the way I was.

The rest of the ride—before and after—was pretty uneventful, and I rolled home via Domestique for a second espresso (had one with breakfast). Home for late lunch and shower. But such a beautiful day! With rain on the forecast for the rest of the week, it was a treat to get out, but so nice it was hard to want to bury it and work. More a head up and enjoy the ride with a goofy smile, I suspect…

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