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Car-Light Living

May 24, 2011

I’m becoming really interested in the car-light movement, which I came across some time ago on Loving the Bike. In essence, Egan’s Wager was an expression of reducing car use and promoting the bicycle as the primary mode of transportation within the family. In a lot of ways, though, Egan’s Wager was poorly conceived, because it focused on a single member of a family of five and weighed positive kilometers (by bike) against negative kilometers (by car) rather than measuring the kinds of trips that could have been done without using the car and how we might look to alter our everyday practices to cut back on our automobility.

By stressing car-light, the whole family is engaged in making day-to-day decisions and lifestyle choices around wants and needs and prioritizing how transportation, time available, cost, and environment play into factoring what constitutes a broader sense of “healthy” living. Below is a bit of silly fun, prompted by thoughts above combined with the Build, which I’m loving.

More to come on this over the summer…

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