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Riding in Good Company

June 3, 2011

Today’s Ride: 53km—Safari Rd.

Weather: Bee-utiful

Typically, I ride alone. I’m actually preparing a future post on solo riding and why I prefer to cycle in solitude; although it likely inhibits my performance, I like to be left to my own thoughts. Today, however, turning onto Middletown Rd., I found myself just behind another rider. A quick dip and light incline and I found myself on his wheel. I started to pass and gave a friendly hello to a fellow lonely rider. We both commented on the weather—absolutely perfect—and my pace slowed just a little to maintain the conversation. He asked about the Domestique jersey I was wearing; he’d heard about the coffee shop but had never been. We talked cycling, pro riding, bikes, families, and beyond. All very pleasant. And on such a nice day, it was nice to have some company and just enjoy the ride. While the pace was relaxed, it passed all too quickly. We exchanged names and phone numbers and may plan a future ride together. The picture to accompany this posting is just me; I thought it might have been a bit weird to whip out the camera after riding with a friendly stranger for just an hour.

First ride this week, which is a disappointment; the weather has been good, but the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself. Hopefully another ride in the morning and I’ll be cresting 1000km before the week’s out—just a little off my pace of getting there by the end of May.

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