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June 8, 2011

Ride: 20km—Mineral Springs loop

Weather: Very hot and muggy

In the past 12 hours, we’ve had both. A spectacular thunder and lightning show swept through shortly after 1:00 this morning, knocking out power and lighting up the sky. It’s been followed by heat advisories. I had planned on a longer ride this morning, but between debris on the road, high heat as early as 9:00, and a bucketload of work waiting for me at the office, I decided to do the quick and regular roll around Mineral Springs.

When I say regular, it’s a ride I used to do quite frequently, but looking back on the “Riding Log” for the year, I realize it hasn’t been nearly as common a feature of my riding this year. I went up Wilson instead of the Old Ancaster Road in the (vain) hope of finding a bit of shade for the climb. No luck, but I was at the top of the hill before I knew it. As I mentioned some time ago, Wilson is just a long, steady climb—around 5%—but I was up quick, spinning at a high cadence and feeling strong. My hip has been bothering me a bit lately, and while it was uncomfortable, it didn’t seem to slow me down at all.

Hopefully another ride on Friday morning…

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