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Tuesday’s Ride

June 21, 2011

Today’s Ride: 59km—Burlington and up King Rd.

Weather: Warm, sunny.

I felt slow and heavy today. I was late leaving after waking late, getting out of bed late, and eating breakfast late. All this after a very late night. The ride started out feeling like a real slog. I had intended to go out to Harrisburg, but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to take on rolling hills with these sensations, so I opted for a waterfront ride into Burlington. The penance here involved having to climb King Rd., which is a nasty piece of work. By that point, I’d found a decent rhythm and was rolling fairly well (even if I didn’t feel great). I stayed in the saddle up the climb and found myself less tired than I had on previous ascents. So I guess that’s a positive.

Just before the climb, I hit a good pace through Burlington and kept pace with the traffic. I came up to a red light next to a big biker on a Harley Davidson. He took a couple of looks at my bike (I was doing the same at his). He asked if I wanted to race and I asked if he would give me odds. The light changed before he got out more than a chuckle. I found myself in the wrong gear and he was a block ahead before I was through the intersection. Heigh-ho.

While reading over the weekend, I discovered that the Rattlesnake Point climb I did twice last week will feature this coming weekend in the Canadian national championships. Unfortunately, I’ll be on a plane for Finland and will miss the races, but it was humbling to discover that the women will do 9 laps and the men 14, each one involving that climb…

On another front, today’s ride hit a more positive landmark. Passing the 1190km mark with 21 pledges means that I have now raised more $250 for Bikes to Rwanda, which is the cost of one of the bikes they ship to Rwanda.

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