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July 6, 2011

Today’s Ride: 70km—8th Concession Rd.

Weather: Muggy cloud, finished in sunshine

After Monday’s ride, today was always going to be disappointing. I actually climbed out of the valley up King St./Brock Rd. and then up Crooks Hollow. Both in higher gears than usual and found I recovered better than I normally do. So things were off to a good start. The ride itself was fine, more or less repeating a ride I took a few weeks ago. Toward the end, however, my legs started to feel very heavy. Typically, on a ride of more than 50km, I’ll have an energy bar or something before I go and maybe something along the way. But we were out of energy bars and fig newtons (my preferred snack on the bike). It wasn’t a heavy bonk, and I managed to get through it, but it’s the first time I’ve felt weak on the bike. Fitness is clearly near where I’d like it, but I just have to manage my calories a little better.

To make matters worse, I went out for a round of golf this afternoon with my son and father-in-law. If the cycling didn’t do me in, the golf did. I’m not very good, and my legs were tired before we even started. Hot day by the afternoon, too. No rest for the wicked…

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