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July 21, 2011

Thanks for checking in. This is a blog about cycling and fundraising (through cycling) for Bikes to Rwanda. You can see how it works here. If you are interested in pledging a penny for every kilometer I ride, please send me an e-mail at And thanks very much!

Tomorrow evening, my family and I are headed to Vancouver for twelve days. That means less cycling, but I’m hoping to manage some more Rwanda content for the site. A couple of friends sent me a link to Philip Gourevitch’s recent piece on road racing in Rwanda, and I hope to provide some comment and reflection on his essay, especially since it relates not just to Rwanda and cycling, but also to the uses of history. It’s really a powerful piece and worth a look, which you can do at this link. I also hope to take his book, We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families, with me and offer up more Rwanda content. This will hopefully start a deeper discussion of Rwanda pre-, during, and post-genocide. It’s very easy to become absorbed with just one hundred days of Rwandan history in isolation from more recent happenings, too. More to come on that. On a lighter note, I hope to also find time for some more humorous pieces and some post-Tour de France thoughts.

Stay tuned…

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