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Noon as Dark as Midnight

August 8, 2011

Today’s Ride: 67km—Hamilton Mountain

Weather: Soupy

Last night, after the littlest Velonista went to bed, the older Velonistas-in-training brought out Scotland Yard, a board game in which Mr. (or Ms.) X is on the run in London and the rest of the players try to catch him/her. It was all a bit of fun until I made a ridiculous miscalculation (it was late) and let my son escape the carefully orchestrated net we had set for him. At which point I sent the kids to bed and shuffled off myself.

I was reminded of this on today’s ride—or at least the game’s premise. Riding out Fiddlers Green and planning to ride along the Grand River (westbound), I noticed that dark clouds were closing in from my intended direction. It was very dark on the western horizon, and I made the (probably sensible) decision to alter my course and head east towards Lake Ontario before circling along the top of the escarpment. I felt a bit like Mr. X, trying to escape the clutches of the big bad clouds. Of course, there were limits as to how far I was willing to ride to outrun or circumnavigate the storm, but it was striking to be able to see the storm while remaining just out of its reach. Not the ride I had planned, but as raindrops started to chase me (and I picked up the pace to escape them) it was probably for the best.

Longer rides to come soon.

The edge of Hamilton ... for now. Suburbia is like a malignant, creeping fungus.

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