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Up and Down

August 14, 2011

(Yesterday’s) Ride: 32km—Mineral Springs, up Weir’s Lane, & Domestique

Weather: Fine

Only had time for a short spin, and wanted to take it easy, so I headed out to Mineral Springs at a leisurely pace. I had decided to see how I was feeling at the turn for Weir’s Lane before deciding to add the climb and additional distance. It’s not that I was feeling particularly tired, but I did just want a relaxed ride. I went up. It’s hard to pass on the climb, which is quite steep, but short enough that it doesn’t present too much of a challenge.

It was a nice and quiet morning and I was surprised that I did the majority of the ride in isolation. Along Harvest Rd., a small group was headed the other way, and I latched onto the back of a team riding away from Dundas on Sydenham—keeping my distance, but rolling quite comfortably. Descending Valley Rd., a couple more cyclists, but all this after doing the entire Mineral Springs loop, Weir’s Lane, and Crooks Hollow without seeing anyone.

Espresso at Domestique and then home. Riding at a slightly more relaxed pace is nice. I remember slowing last fall to enjoy the leaves and colors, and today it was nice to take the scenery and views from the top of the escarpment. To feel my legs working, but not straining. To ride comfortable gears. That said, I discovered at the top of Weir’s Lane that I had a couple of gears to spare, which surprised me; I would have used them if I’d known. Ah well.

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