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Walkin’ the Line

August 16, 2011

Today’s Ride: 104km—Lakeshore Blvd., Walker’s Line, Milburough Line, Gore Rd., etc.

Weather: Fine

My wife occasionally checks in on my blog, which means I ought to behave myself. But also go on a flyer and say: I love you!

Hence the title of this post. Also that I rode the length of Walker’s Line. The bottom bit is unpleasant—running through strip malls and industrial parks—but after crossing 407, it turns into a lovely run up to Derry Rd. The subsequent spin around the Mountsberg Reservoir was equally nice—roads I haven’t explored before—before I headed home along Valens Rd.

I do like the riding around Kilbride. I rode through it on my way to and from Terra Cotta last week, and it’s also the link to Rattlesnake Point. The roads are quiet and in generally good condition; there is considerable variety; and a number of shortish hills that get the heart rate up. The sad news, though, is that the area is being repaved with tar and chip paving. While cheaper and probably environmentally more sensible, this is not good for cycling. Britannia Rd. Twiss Rd., and Conservation Rd. have all been repaved with what amounts to gravel over the past few weeks, which limits the number of options in the area. Heigh-ho…


Tar and chip paving.

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