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Sprinting Uphill

August 23, 2011

Today’s Ride: 67km—to Westdale and back and then Good Friday RR route

Weather: Sunny

The pic on the left is of my favorite drumlin. I don’t know what makes it my favorite. It stands alone just outside of Westover, and it’s short enough that you can power over it. At the top of the picture, just around the corner to the right as you crest the hill, there’s a small church and cemetery and terrific view, before you wind around a left-leaning turn at high speed (the picture of me in the blog’s banner has me climbing it from the other side last fall).

With the longer rides over the past few weeks, it’s been awhile since I’ve followed some of my older routes that I enjoyed last year and earlier this spring. The appeal of this particular route was that it included a lot of short spurts over hills. None of them too long or too steep, but enough of a challenge. It was good to get out of the saddle and sprint upstairs before diving down the other side to do it again. After the longer rides, it was nice to feel my fitness in good form. Lots of speed and power going up and quick recovery.

This ride also puts me over 2500km for the year. It might seem daft to feel optimistic about reaching my targeted halfway point (I’m still shooting for 5000km) near the end of August, but this has been my most productive month by quite a margin. Fitness and health are good, and I’m falling into a strong routine of riding ~250km a week, which should get me to 5000 by the end of November.

Spencer Creek @ Crooks Hollow—at bottom of the climb. Just to the left is Canada's first paper mill (1826).

I should have been tracking agricultural growth on these roads throughout the year.


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