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Afternoon Ride

September 1, 2011

Today’s Ride: 79km—Strabane, Kirkwall, Orkney

Weather: It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m typically a morning rider, but the open house at the littlest velonista’s montessori was this morning, and we couldn’t miss that. She’d been waking early for the best part of two weeks asking if it was time to go to her new school. Hopefully, we might get a lie in tomorrow.

That meant my ride got shifted to the afternoon. At some point, I’ll need to study nutrition, diet, etc. in relation to riding. As it is, I know I should eat more carbs before the ride, take some snacks and drinks with me, consume them, and then be sure to eat when I get home. More careful study would be helpful, because I was surprised by how differently I felt today. Not worse, not better: just different. The humidity didn’t help, especially since I flubbed a gear change going up Sydenham Hill—the lever was sweaty.

I’ve been feeling a bit slow lately, and have eased off on the heavy gears just a little, trying to spin more. It’s hard to tell whether this has been a success from a technique perspective, but I’m hoping that the new school year—and the routine that accompanies it—will get me back on track. Though just inside September, this ride also puts me over 1000km for the past month, which is good. I’m shooting for a bit more in September so that I can hit 5000km before the end of October. If the weather holds, it means I could ride for pleasure in November, rather than racing to get to 5000.

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