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Lunch in Cambridge

September 6, 2011

Today’s Ride: 127km—Middleport, Onondaga, Brantford, Paris, Cambridge, Valens

Weather: Windy, cool

September brought autumn with it. Heavy clouds and cold weather hung in the air today, the first time I elected to wear—or might have needed—arm and leg warmers since our wet spring finally gave up the ghost. And full-fingered gloves. And a base layer. After riding in the high 30s last week, 10-15 degrees was a bit of a shock to the system. Not a terrible one, since I had the presence of mind to bundle up, and it meant I was less hot, tired, or thirsty on the bike. But it felt like the seasons were changing. All I can hope for is a relatively dry fall.

I rode with a colleague today. Not the best ride for a social ride, since the route through Brantford and Paris was on fairly busy roads, which had us riding in single file for several kilometers. But the east side of the Grand River between Paris and Cambridge was beautiful. Nice, rolling hills and a fairly smooth and quiet winding road. Very nice.

We stopped for lunch at the Coffee Peddler in Cambridge, a fun bike co-op, which also does coffee and muffins, etc. Nice to be in a bike-friendly environment for a break and a chat before trying to coax our legs into doing the final 45km home. The forecast predicted winds from the northeast, but we were definitely riding into a headwind while riding west along the Grand River before Brantford, and riding north after, we were buffeted, too. Riding home—east—we ran into a number of gusts, too.

I’m guilty of not planning the best route. We spent a lot of time on bad and busy roads, and the route was designed to follow the Grand River, but we rarely saw it. And then lunch was coffee and muffins. Still, a good long ride on the bike while folks were heading back to school and classes was okay in my books. This ride also puts me over 3000km for the year—that much closer to 5000km for the year and a nice addition to the Bikes to Rwanda total.

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