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Too Wet to Work

September 8, 2011

Today’s Ride: 65km—Safari Rd.

Weather: Miserable—or terrific cycling weather

It rained pretty much all yesterday and it doesn’t look like letting up. It was enough to make me think I might pass on today’s ride, but I would have regretted it. So, I suited up and headed out. I got wet, but at least the bike is clean now.

It wasn’t really that bad. As soon as I got out of the valley, the rain kind of petered out, although I did have to take off my eye wear because I couldn’t see with it on. Nothing quite like the wind and rain blowing in your unprotected face to feel like you’re on a real ride. And nobody around. The world is quieter when it’s wet. I had the roads to myself and had a great time.

My lone “mistake” came on the homeward leg, when I opted to descend into the valley along Governor’s Rd. It’s the least steep way down into Dundas, which made a bit of sense on a rainy day, but I found myself heading straight into the wind and the rain picked up. Water was pooling along the side of the road. While I was mildly damp but in pretty good shape up to this point, I got saturated in the final 5-10km. Not a big deal and I certainly looked the part of an avid and dedicated cyclist as I stopped for an espresso—now looking like a drowned rat—before making my way home.

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