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More Grand River Riding

September 13, 2011

Today’s Ride: 106km—Caledonia, Cayuga, Binbrook

Weather: Very windy, but quite warm

You just can’t win. Last week, I wrestled with headwinds as I worked my way up the Grand River. Today, I wrestled with fierce crosswinds as I worked my way down the Grand River. I turned left at Caledonia for the first time and explored new roads. And suffered for it. In actual fact, I made very good time, but it really didn’t feel like it. I think I’ve become better at spinning at a higher cadence against hard winds, which probably helps in 1). maintaining a slightly higher speed against the wind, and 2). keeping me from tiring myself out. Cayuga took a long time appearing—I was beginning to wonder if I had missed it, but after turning left, I had the wind behind me and was able to pick up speed. Left again and heading back toward Hamilton and the westerly crosswinds were less severe.

Across the top of the escarpment—effectively the home stretch—and I was buffeted and started feeling more tired than I had felt on the entire ride. In all, it was a bit of a weird ride. I felt sluggish starting and getting up the escarpment at the beginning of the ride and tired at the end of the ride. The middle part was fine—indeed fast, if the clock is anything to go by: I must have averaged 30kph. With headwinds, crosswinds, and hills, that’s not bad. Tired, though. It occurs to me in retrospect that I forgot to take a calcium/magnesium supplement this morning before the ride. I have found that a tablet helps provide critical electrolytes that improve endurance or the onset of lactic acid build-up. I also might not have dressed right. Last weekend, I got a new DeFeet base layer, and thought that it might be a good article to wear under my jersey today. It might have been a bit warm for it. Live and learn.

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