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Loop x 2

September 25, 2011

Today’s Ride: 71km—Mineral Springs, Drumlins, Mineral Springs

Weather: Sunny, cloudy, mild—pretty non-descript

After Thursday’s reverse ride around Mineral Springs, I thought I’d try that again. For the sake of comparison, I started the ride with the normal loop. This means a fair amount of climbing today, up the escarpment, down the escarpment, back up again, and then over the drumlins of the Good Friday road race. This is a pretty good ride that requires a fair amount of work. The legs felt good climbing, most of it in short spurts. I went up the Old Ancaster Rd., which meant that I was climbing in bursts from the very outset.

The descent into Mineral Springs is always fun; the winding roads allow a rider to really lean into the turns. At the horseshoe turn, however, a Porsche coming the other way clearly thought the same thing, and took the turn very tightly, coming well into my lane. This killed my momentum just before I started climbing again, but I recovered well.

Picture to follow, but I fiddled with my bars on Saturday morning as I gave the bike a good clean, and I think I have the bar height and angle about right. I had a very mild ache in my shoulder, but nothing significant. I’ll keep monitoring and working on that in the future. Lots of rain forecast for this week; we’ll see what riding I can fit in…

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