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Doubling Up

September 28, 2011

Today’s Ride: 116km—Binbrook, Smithville, Vinemount

Weather: Cool for summer, warm for fall

I don’t typically ride on consecutive days. The way my schedule has gone, I’m usually able to get out every other day, but this week’s weather suggested that today might be the nicest day of the week and I have a pretty full slate on for tomorrow. Which meant if I wanted to get in a longer ride this week (and I did after only putting in 63km yesterday), today was the day. And, effectively, putting in twice as many kilometers as yesterday.

I’ve been meaning to explore the eastern side of the Hamilton escarpment for some time, but it’s a bit of a slog to get over there, and with so much great riding to be had in the other direction, I’ve never gotten over there. I kind of dodged the escarpment in terms of climbing today, but the ride was a good one. The ride out was into a headwind, but not too bad. 31.5km along White Church/Binbrook Rd. was a little tedious; I prefer to zigzag a little and break up the ride. But the road was good and I made pretty good time. I worked my way up to Smithville, which—after you got past the new housing developments on the edge of town—was surprisingly pretty. Homeward bound along Ridge Rd., which didn’t provide much in the way of panorama views that I hoped it might, but it’s a nice, winding road at the top of the escarpment, which provided me with the opportunity to gauge what kind of climbs I might look out for if I wanted to go up and down the escarpment. Woolverton looks intriguing, with a 12% average grade and topping out around 20%. A few others, too. It might be fun to plan a ride that goes up and down and up and down.

Into the fourth hour of the ride, my legs started to tire a bit. I suspect that had as much to do with yesterday’s ride as anything, and also that I seemed to find a headwind across the top of the escarpment on the way home. It was the first time in awhile that I’ve felt weak and tired and sorry I wasn’t closer to home. Maybe a bit more food before the ride would have helped, too. But ride logged and I’m watching some dark clouds roll in. I’ll try to round out the week’s riding on the weekend and put myself over 4000km before Thanksgiving.

Lake Ontario from above Stoney Creek/Winona

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