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Autumn Roads

October 4, 2011

Today’s Ride: 115km—Kilbride, Moffat, Scotch Block, Milton, Lakeshore

Weather: Sunny, wet roads

This is my favorite time of year to ride. The light is just right; the temperature is perfect (between 12 and 19 today); the leaves are starting to turn (but still, for the most part, on the trees rather than the ground); and the world seems quieter. I took my two older children out to Rocky Ridge Ranch for a mud run this past weekend—out on Sideroad 15. The rolling hills looked like they were meant to be ridden, not driven, so I rode out that way today. Out McNiven and up to Regional Road 25 before coming home.

I was supposed to come back along Campbellville and then do Leslie Rd., coming home through Sheffield, but I missed the turn and decided to head home via the waterfront. By way of penance, I climbed up to Rattlesnake via Sideroad 14—easier than Appleby or Bell School Line, but tough nonetheless. I flew down Bell School Line, which was fun and made my way over to Walkers Line and down to the lake front.

To add to the weekend’s misery, let me offer another explanation for the poor riding: allergies. This was the only consistency between Saturday’s ride and today’s. It would be interesting to learn just how much oxygen I take in when sinuses are clear and when they’re not, but the legs felt heavy and the breathing labored at various points today. I spent yesterday sneezing and blowing my nose. I forget about seasonal allergies every year (they do seem to change up). Here’s hoping that this year’s riding log helps me to better establish the window associated with allergies so that I’m better prepared for them next year.

Bell School Line, eastbound

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