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Casually Deliberate

October 13, 2011

Today’s Ride: 97km—Jerseyville, St. George

Weather: Grey, bleak, drizzle

Autumn riding. Crisp air and turning leaves under blue skies. But there’s another autumn riding, too. It rained heavily last night and this morning’s ride was under heavy clouds and the occasional drizzle. The air was moderately warm from the cloud cover, but the roads were wet. While this might not suggest the romance of the former definition of autumn riding, understand that it still holds its own particular charm and appeal. For starters, the world seems quieter in the wet. Fewer cars, it seems, and no cyclists—the weekend warriors take days like today off. Their loss. My gain.

The magic of autumn riding (for a cyclist, “fall” seems like the wrong word, or one you’d prefer to have stricken from your vocabulary) is that the whole ride—whether in dry or wet conditions—is about being casually deliberate. The summer work has been done; fitness is there. You’re out and you’re spinning, but you’re holding off going full throttle. Which makes us mere mortals look decidedly more pro. In the rain, especially, this looks and feels right.

Today’s ride was inspired by a colleague’s ride near St. George. I think I missed his turn, but found some good riding on roads I hadn’t explored before. Out along Indian Trail Rd., which I cross fairly frequently, but never ride, then over to St. George Rd. and through the town before coming home along Concession Road 5 (via Branchton, Highway 8, and Sager).

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