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Geese… Flying North

October 22, 2011

Today’s Ride: 66km—Lowville and back

Weather: Cold, overcast

Stupid geese. Usually a sign of colder weather. Their V-shaped peloton heading south. And they are key teachers to cyclists about the importance of aerodynamics. But these geese were pointed northish on today’s ride. Hope, perhaps, that this part of the world won’t get too cold too quickly, but it sure felt cold enough this morning. 6 degrees as I rolled out and I’m not sure it warmed up too much, although I certainly did. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about adding booties to the ride (my toes were very cold even by the time I got home).

Today’s ride was a tale of two sufferings. I stopped for a tazza di espresso at Domestique. Delightful, but the coffee sat in my stomach up the first couple of climbs, effectively overstaying its welcome. Then the allergies kicked in, which meant breathing became an issue. Not a serious one, but I just couldn’t suck in the amount of oxygen I needed, so had to slow down considerably, spending a couple of kilometers feeling more like a drunken wobble than hardened cyclist. Painful. I failed to take my prescribed allergy stuff this morning—thinking the season past the pollen allergies (wrong!). I suspect it puts me on the wrong side of the UCI drug monitoring (it’s a steroid), but I invoke the Boonen Clause: I have to spray it up my nose. So I’ve decided it’s okay. And since I don’t race, being able to breathe on the bike is a pretty good thing, and it makes cycling that much more enjoyable.

Above 4500km for the year.

Adventures around every corner...

The uphills seems longer, harder, and colder.

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