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Comfortable in the Cold

October 30, 2011

Today’s Ride: 53km—Round and about

Weather: Sunny, cold

Tried out my winter gear today. Lobster-claw gloves, booties, the works. Stayed comfortably warm. Of course, I started by climbing—Old Ancaster Rd. and later Weir’s Lane—but then settled (intentionally) into some shady flats just to see if toes and fingers would stay warm. Not bad. Of course, I managed to rip the zipper off my right bootie—this on its first wearing. They’ll be going back to be replaced. Otherwise, they seem like the right insulation: my feet weren’t uncomfortably warm; if anything, a bit cool, but not in danger of losing toes, which was the case at the beginning of the year and even on last week’s ride.

But nice to have a relaxing weekend ride. The pedals turned smoothly and well, but the gear was a tad on the gentle side. I started with enough climbing, though, to call it exercise. I went upwards well today, even getting to the top of Weir’s Lane without getting out of the saddle. But I could have danced on the pedals if I’d wanted…

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