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Bicycles in the Mist

November 24, 2011

Today’s Ride: 20km—Mineral Springs loop

Weather: Cool, misty

I suppose—titled this way—I could wax poetic on gorillas or the endangered lives of cyclists or some such, but today was just a bit misty. I make a point of having lights all over my commuting bike, but I’ve always felt they lacked style on the road bike. And before we go there, I realize that bleeding on the side of the road because a car didn’t see me in time isn’t all that fashionable either. Mother will be pleased to learn that I just ordered one of these:

fi’zi:k make terrific saddles, and this light (also from them) is designed to clip under the saddle. Nothing on the seatpost and nothing to rub against while riding.

The air was sufficiently cool this morning that I was happy to take it easy. Just a quick spin up, down, and around Mineral Springs. No rain, but the roads were quite wet. Damp and sound dampened from the mist. Not heavy, but enough to quiet the world and let the greyness sink in. Peacefulness. Legs spinning easy: air running across my face and piercing through the gaps between my base layer and arm warmers. Fresh. Toes just slightly chilled.

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