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New Roads in December

December 9, 2011

Today’s Ride: 95km—Lower Base Line

Weather: Sunny. Cold.

Today’s ride involved correcting the wrong turn from yesterday and getting out along Lower Base Line. Which was worth the ride. New roads are always pretty and interesting, but Lower Base Line had some nice twists, turns, and hills that made it worth the visit—and ensured I would be out that way again.

Finding new roads this late in the year is a treat, too. Riding in December is a bit like riding on borrowed time; the snow is coming. Soon. The snow tires will go on the car tomorrow in anticipation of the white stuff. As a result, the last rides of the year typically revisit adventures past, bidding a fond farewell to favorite routes—or at least an au revoir, until the snow recedes. But today was a new route. Straight out. And then a bit of circuitous route home as I got mixed up in Oakville’s suburban network.

Tailwinds on the way out only enhanced the floating on air experience and delight at finding a new playground. The return leg—often on busy, unfriendly roads and punished with 30kph headwinds—was less good. But new discoveries make it easy to accentuate the positive. And, even late into the evening, I am reveling in that.

I also received a package today. New shoes for the spring—Giro Trans: black.

I’ll have to see how they do on the bike, but they felt very snug and comfortable when I tried them on. Also in the package: socks, Giordana’s Formared Carbon bib shorts (very, very nice!), and Dryarn arm- and leg-warmers, also from Giordana. Some very nice looking gear, which leaves me hoping that I might be able to get in another ride next week.

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