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Every Ride in December is Gravy

December 13, 2011

Today’s Ride: 60km—Appleby Line

Weather: Dry, clear, mild

Jack Frost dropped by last night. The roads and ditches were lined with frost and ice. The world looked cold. The mercury dipped low last night—steep descent—and the world was grey and cold as the kids headed off for school. I delayed leaving just to let the morning’s bite pass and for the world to heat up just a bit. This is a dangerous formula: wait before riding, but risk becoming warm and lethargic, thereby making it even harder to leave.

But the outdoors warmed easily enough. By 10:30, the sun was even pushing through, and I saw my shadow on the road in front of me as I rolled onto 1 Sideroad on the other side of Waterdown. There was even a bit of heat in it. Roadside grass, however, remained grey with frost. And wet patches on the road demanded caution. On the return leg, coming up Britannia Rd., just before Cedar Springs, my back wheel momentarily skidded out from under me, thanks to an ice patch. I recovered quickly, but it was a harrowing and chastening moment.

It was supposed to be a longer ride, but a few work commitments required that I hurry back and get some of it done. Which is a shame. I would have enjoyed an extra couple of hours on the bike today, especially since it was clearly turning into a great one for riding and because—hey—it’s December and days like this will become increasingly rare. I’m not sure why the end of the calendar year constitutes such a mental barrier in thinking about the cycling season. Maybe it isn’t; rather, December is the onset of cold weather and snow, the likes of which will prohibit consistent riding. Maybe that’s it, and the turn of the year is purely coincidental.

As it was, it felt like a farewell to 4 Sideroad until Spring. And an intentionally hilly ride, too. Up Valley Rd., up Snake Rd., up Britannia Rd. on the way home. Nothing too severe, but after yesterday’s light spin, I wanted hills to get the heart rate up.

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  1. Blah permalink
    December 16, 2011 1:25 am

    December 13th. At least a week longer than last year? Go you good thing!

    • December 16, 2011 1:34 am

      Last ride last year was December 5. I suspect my wife’s birthday and end-of-semester exams, etc. likely played a part in shutting things down, but the weather has been very cooperative so far this month. Hoping to get out on the weekend and—ideally—again next week.

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