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Back to the Beginning

January 7, 2012

Today’s Ride: 32km—Valley Rd., Harvest Rd., Crooks Hollow

Weather: Sunny, mild

The first time I read Tim Krabbé’s The Rider, I got to the end and started again straight away. Back to the beginning. I’ll expand on that experience another time—it’s a terrific book, beautifully written, and captures the essence of cycling better than any other book I know—but I was reminded of going back to the beginning on this morning’s ride. After a year of hard riding, finding form, here I was: back at the beginning. A new calendar year, and I found myself completely devoid of form. Gasping on the first hill and not recovering. Struggling to find a good gear. And this while spinning a light gear. Hopefully fitness will return quickly—and I hasten to add that I felt fairly good on January 1 before my spoke went—but today was a humbling ride, and a good reminder that it’s time to get back to work after a lengthy holiday break. Today was beautiful, though. January 7, and I could feel the warmth of the sun. “Mild” by winter standards, but I might have been a little overdressed with skull cap. The wind was a little strong (or at least felt that way while I struggled), but the day lacked the kind of bitter weather that the calendar might have warranted or implied.

Back from  couple of days at an indoor water park in Niagara Falls with the kids. And now desperate to find some fitness. It’s amazing to be well into January and able to not have to think twice about road conditions before riding. Of course, all the good work that went into cleaning the bike last week was erased on the ride—salt, grit, and grime covering the frame and wheels. The roads didn’t seem that bad, but there was a fairly constant wet layer between wheels and surface.

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