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Bike Bits & Bits of Kit

January 13, 2012

Last year around this time, I was getting down to work on building up my singlespeed. Myriad gaffes and mistakes made it an exciting project, and I have in the garage a 1980s-era Motobecane steel frame bike, which might suffer a similar fate, courtesy of a colleague who was clearing out his garage. And adding clutter to ours, as my wife dutifully pointed out. Nevertheless, I’m debating as to what I might do with it. The most pressing possibility is lending it to my brother while he is in town for March and April, but that’s a little way off. He could probably take it as it is, but I’d love to strip it down and put it back together. As always, the temptation to put a lighter set of wheels on it weighs heavy on my mind. Stay tuned.

This post is really a paean to delivery services who twice made today a bit of a treat, even if I didn’t get out on the road. The first arrival was the cassette pictured here. The cassette on my bike is starting to show its age. While I intend to keep it on through the winter, there’s a decent chance it will need replacing in due course. Building on my mechanical experiences in 2011, I thought 2012 might be the year that I do more of my own wrenching on the main bike, so I went looking for a new set of cogs. The Cannondale is a 9-speed, which is a little dated, but with a bit of digging, I uncovered this magnificent Ultegra 6500 cassette. Light, lovely, and oh so shiny. My understanding is that the Ultegra line repels grit, grime, and grease in order to maintain its shiny luster. I’ll let you know. The arrival was a 12×23 (smallest cog: 12 teeth; largest cog: 23). For good measure, I found extra pieces that will let me expand this up to 25 with a bit of swapping of pieces, which will help me up the steeper climbs just that little bit more.

Of course, new bike bits in the house had me salivating at the prospect of not just putting these on the bike, but maybe building up new, faster wheels to put these on (yes: my mind works this way). Probably an expense I won’t be able to justify this year, but a boy can dream…

The second arrival is just as exciting. The good folks at Bikes to Rwanda had some extra kit, and very kindly sent me the wind vest and arm warmers pictured below. They go beautifully with the kit—more a dark grey than the black in the photograph—and will provide a welcome flash of style come springtime. Thanks to Brian and Andy.

Bikes to Rwanda wind vest and arm warmer (the other one is out of the frame, but they did send two)

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  1. xyxax permalink
    May 14, 2012 10:35 am

    Got to mention that 3 guys in BTR kit passed me in Prospect Park. Representin’!

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