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February 2, 2012

(Yesterday’s) Ride: 20km: Mineral Springs

Weather: Sunny, mild (for the beginning of February)

One of the advantages of having a fairly “regular” loop is that the rider can concentrate on different aspects of cycling. Today wasn’t a hard ride, but one where I tried to concentrate on my cornering, working on technique. Knowing the route helps in this regard, as familiarity allows for greater emphasis and taking more calculated chances (knowing what’s around the next bend). Descending out of Ancaster, I caught a glimpse of my shadow, and was pleased with my position, low over the bars, tight, compact. I zipped through the turns, leaning nicely and accumulating speed right through the descent. Similarly on the ups and downs, where my tuck was less in evidence than my guiding the bike through rollers, cutting tight turns. A little slower than usual, perhaps, but that meant I was jumping out of the saddle a bit more to get over some of the bigger humps.

First ride in a couple of weeks: must be winter. I’ve been a regular in the gym, working on leg strength and core with a bit of cardio mixed in, but getting out on the bike and feeling the rhythm of the cadence was wonderful. Amazing how you miss it…

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