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Fitness = (Cardio + Power) ÷ Form

February 15, 2012

Today’s Ride: 27km—Sydenham, Crooks Hollow

Weather: Grey, damp

Wet day. On the ground, anyway. Our road is still pretty covered in slush, but the rest of the main roads looked fine. After getting a couple of work tasks done this morning, I headed out for a quick spin. I avoided the temptation to do the regular Mineral Springs loop for variety’s sake, and headed off in the opposite direction instead. Up Sydenham, up Crooks Hollow, and then home along Governors Rd.

While I have been getting to the gym on a regular basis and my fitness is fairly good, I’ve not spent a lot of time on the bike. Going up Sydenham, I was made painfully aware of this. Power was there (more on this in a moment), but cardio was lagging. Hence my rough formula by way of title for this post. I have been doing a lot of weight training, concentrating on squats and core strength. It was striking to notice how this benefited the riding. At the bottom of Sydenham, I felt very strong; it seems strange to say it, but I got the impression that hips and quads were harnessing more power as I worked uphill. Toward the top of the hill, I was running out of gas, but that was a lung issue, not a leg one. Legs felt good and fresh. On the shorter and steeper Crooks Hollow, the power really showed through. I’m only a couple of kilograms heavier than I was last summer and fall, but this power is new, and exciting.

But cardio is lacking. This isn’t a surprise given the time of year and how little I’ve been riding. That will come. As the weather improves, I’ll need to put in some longer rides to get the cardio back.  Lacking, too, was form. On the run down Governors Rd., I was bouncing all over the place on the saddle. I felt distinctly out of practice and disappointed with my technique. So, one out of three at this point. More work to do. Over the next week, I’d like to find time to write about the winter training regimen, diet, and supplements.

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