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Spring Winds

March 14, 2012

Today’s Ride: 70km—Kirkwall

Weather: Warm

I rode today without arm-warmers. The leg-warmers were used primarily to hide the legs which haven’t been shaved since late last fall. A nice ride up towards Greensville, over Crooks Hollow, and then out along Middletown Rd. After the climbing to get out of the valley—and the headwind for short bit along Highway 8, turning onto Middletown is the beginning of the topographical respite. Fairly flat (at least not too hilly) and protected in many places from the crosswinds. Right on 6th Concession and still flat and easy. I hammered it along Middletown and relaxed a bit after the turn.

Heading west along Safari and then 8th Concession, I was riding into the wind. Not fierce, but enough to know it was there. Hard work, but the warmth of the day and even the modest heat from the wind suggested that the seasons were turning. Spring winds are more welcome than their fall counterparts. For the most part, they’re an indication that better weather is on the way. This is a good thing. And promise of more rides to follow.

Short, sharp hill on 8th Concession, just before Kirkwall.

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