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The Heat is On

March 21, 2012

Today’s Ride: 62km—1 Sideroad to Appleby Line; home along Britannia Rd.

Weather: Summer (almost) heat

Today was supposed to be a longer ride, but the heat and the afternoon caught up to me (probably in the opposite order). I was a little later leaving than I wanted, so decided on a slightly shorter loop than the 80ish kilometers planned, and decided that was the right decision since the heat was quite fierce. I went through a whole bottle of energy drink, which seemed like a lot for such a moderately average distance and time in the saddle.

Too: Old York Rd., my traditional route out to Snake Rd., was closed, so I had to turn back and find an alternative route around. Not a problem, but it added a bit of time and distance, and those kinds of diversions can take the wind out of a rider’s sails. So say I.

But what a beautiful ride. I took my favorite descent along 4 Sideroad towards Appleby Line and climbed well along Britannia on the return leg. I’ve been moving more comfortably onto the big ring for much of the riding, which is a sign that the legs and fitness are improving. And the heat. That was something else. I came home to find new and distinct tan lines on arms and legs. It seems early to be cultivating them, especially since the weather will likely return to seasonal temperatures next week. Nevertheless…

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