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Catching Up

March 26, 2012

Two rides.

Sunday’s Ride: 20km—Mineral Springs

Weather: Overcast, mild

Monday’s Ride: 68km—Mountsberg Reservoir

Weather: Sunny, cold

Falling behind. Sunday morning’s ride was a quick loop before getting on with a host of family adventures. The Mineral Springs loops remains a quick, easy, and incredibly pleasurable one. And convenient, since it’s 45 minutes right from my front door. Once climbing up the escarpment is done, I’m on quiet and winding roads. And getting stronger—less tired after a few of the tougher short climbs and ready to push the pace. A good sign that form is coming.

Today’s ride was a bit longer, and more bitter thanks to a cold wind. After riding without any warming accoutrements last week, I was back in beanie, booties, and lobster-claw gloves this morning. At the last minute, I also opted to add my Bikes to Rwanda wind vest (always a successful fashion option…), and was glad I did. Cold. And the wind cut through my layers and slowed my progress. Today was never going to be a hard ride; more to put some time and distance into my legs. And to visit Kilbride and Mountsberg, which were among my favorite destinations through much of last year. McNiven is a terrific road: quiet, reasonably smooth, and pretty. Nice to be able to reacquaint myself with that route.

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