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The Road to Recovery

April 14, 2012

Today’s Ride: 20km—Mineral Springs

Weather: Grey

Trying not to get left behind again. This morning was about getting a quick ride in before family activities. But it was also a first ride on the bike with upgraded parts. I need to devote a post to the overhaul of the bike, but this morning was the first ride that included the completed product. New wheels (which have been on for a couple of weeks), new seatpost (three or four weeks), and new Ultegra components. Bike felt fast and crisp under me. I need to start putting in some longer rides, but it felt nice to have a much faster bike working with me. Not that I haven’t liked the older parts—the bike was fine, but the improvement is quite noticeable.

Going uphill seemed easier, descending was hellishly fast. New bars are a little narrower (I added 420mm Deda Newton bars, replacing Cannondale’s stock 440mm), which made the ride feel a little more compact and a touch more comfortable, although I’ll have to reserve judgment until I put in a longer ride or two in the setup. But good to whistle through the bends through Mineral Springs in fine form.

Stopped for an espresso at Domestique on the way home.

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