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May 5, 2012

(Last Friday’s) Ride: 40km—Munich

Weather: Sunny, hot

I’ve just returned from a workshop in Munich and some time with family in Oxford. Just before leaving for Germany, a colleague who would be attending the conference sent me an e-mail asking if I was interested in going for a ride around Munich on the open Friday morning. I jumped at the chance. Sitting around in conference mode makes me fidgety and a bit of a spin was most welcome. I packed my shoes and pedals (last minute additions to the suitcase) and threw in a jersey, shorts, and cap.

The ride itself, on rented bikes, was fine. The bike was a bit sluggish, but beautiful weather and a complicated collection of trails along the River Isar made up for that. It was a slow and gentle ride, but nice to get out in the fresh air. Munich’s trail network is wonderful, and would reward more time than I had for exploration. The distance is run over two days. A short ride on the Thursday afternoon after collecting the rental bike and then a longer ride on Friday morning, which was almost scuttled by a lock that wouldn’t open (and required walking the locked bike back to the rental shop to have it cut).

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