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Starting the Build

May 12, 2012

Yesterday’s Ride: 102km—Mountsberg Reservoir, Valens

Weather: Cloudy, windy, mild

Some days cycling is very easy. You clip into the pedals and you glide effortlessly. Other days cycling is a mystery. You can’t turn a smooth stroke or keep your line. Yesterday was the latter. I was all over the place, feeling weak, slow, and inept. It turns out I maintained a reasonable time, but the ride itself lacked the kind of flow that would have made it enjoyable. Too, finding that a good gear adjustment was in order mid-ride didn’t help—trying to shift into less obstreperous gearing in order to preserve some facet of silence on the ride. I finally found my legs on the return, after some 80km. By then, lactic acid had dulled my quads.

It was a longer ride, trying to get myself in shape for the end of May, when I will take part in a 202km ride from Dundas to Belfountain and back, and the end of June, when I will ride the length of Vermont along scenic Highway 100 (300-350km, depending on the route). The preliminary sense form yesterday’s ride is that I don’t have the legs I thought I did. Or the form. Shock therapy will be necessary to be ready for both.

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