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Another 100

May 15, 2012

Today’s Ride: 104km—Clyde, Mountsberg Reservoir, Kilbride

Weather: Sunny, warm

On Middletown Road, just before 6th Concession Road, the road runs through a small copse. Two, actually. Amid the sun and light crosswind that runs across the fields, the leafy shade offers a kind of peaceful sanctuary. The road is flat and well-paved. And in spite of the peacefulness that comes from the tall trees and shade, the pace picks up because of the absence of wind. As simple, flat, and straight as that little strip of road is—and I’m not talking about more than 500m altogether—it is one of my longtime favourites.

Summer here, today. And I did Thursday’s ride, more or less in reverse. Today was better than Thursday. Perhaps the wind and the route played a roll in that—less wind and steadier climbing—but I also adjusted the gears, so was changing when my legs wanted me to, rather than letting my ears make the decision. Running through a whole ratio of gears probably made for better riding, too.

It was a beautiful morning to be out. Sun, heat, and peace and quiet. I still felt a little ragged. Things settled down as I came around the Mountsberg Reservoir. My other favourite straight run is along First Line Nassagaweya. Very similar to Middletown Road, really: straight and shady. And quiet.

First Line Nassagaweya/McNiven Rd. @ Derry Rd. Burlington town line ahead.

New pedals and shoes on today’s ride. It took a couple of starts and stops to adjust to the stiffer cleats, but nothing untoward. Also, I brought out a new jersey for the first time. The Giordana Tenax jersey is one fine piece of kit. Snugger than snug. It’s very easy to make a meal out of kit quality and how it influences riding performance. I doubt the more aerodynamic jersey played any special role in helping to ride faster, but it was very comfortable and it did look nice. If I can’t ride like a pro, I guess I can settle for trying to look like one…

Tenax jersey from Giordana. Bought over the winter, but too white to wear in the wet.

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