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Form: Where Art Thou?

May 17, 2012

Today’s Ride: 87km—Lower Base Line & back

Weather: Sunny, mild

Something doesn’t feel right. Form is absent. Returning, certainly: today was better than Tuesday, and my body was in less discomfort over the ride. And I was faster again. But I feel like I’m fighting the bike rather than working in unison with it. You can spot an adept cyclist by their form. Speed is secondary. Someone who is steady and smooth always looks better in the saddle. The stroke is fluid and the bike rolls, barely touching the ground. When form is absent, gravity becomes the enemy and every turn of the pedals is a struggle.

In part, this is a fitness issue, and the heavier rides over the past week have served as defibrillation; shocking the body back into shape. It’s coming, but the ease and smoothness that was hard-earned in October remains a distant memory. Speed is secondary. I don’t race, and while covering more ground in less time is unquestionably a good thing, doing so with a degree of style is paramount.

Morning chaos in the Velonista household meant I was late leaving for my ride. The eldest Velonista left very early for a school trip, while the littlest Velonista couldn’t find the “right” shorts for school. Meanwhile, the middle Velonista forgot her lunch, which meant I had to scurry off to her school to drop it off before getting out. All this was quickly forgotten as I rolled out for the ride. Up Sydenham, up Snake and along 1 Sideroad and out to Sixth Line along Lower Base Line. Some nice little hills and a change of scenery after doing the same route twice in different directions over the past two rides (although Sydenham has remained the constant. 1.3km @ 10%: this is a good starter and necessary test).

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