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(Yesterday) I was Laurent Fignon’s Fat, Wheezing Neighbour

June 8, 2012

(Yesterday’s) Ride: 65km—Mineral Springs & Good Friday RR

Weather: Sunny

The problem with developing an aura of cycling invincibility is that it is always temporary. Just like the perpetually elusive search for la volupté, that sense of being able to do anything in the saddle—en forme, but so much more than that—is fleeting. After a good ride—such as Monday’s, where I felt I was able to emulate (poorly) Laurent Fignon’s smooth power—even off the bike, the arrogant confidence remains. One stands taller, prouder. One feels as though their entire body and psyche is emitting beams of confidence and invincibility. But that is all fleeting and the opposite is also true: after a poorer ride, the person reverts to their true, protean self.

Let’s be clear: I wasn’t wheezing. But stiffness and aches characterized the ride. And the energy that typified the past two rides was decidedly absent. The gears were smaller. The arrogance: gone Still, 65km over some nice hilly terrain, including Weirs Lane again, was fine—and, more importantly—a completion of the planned route, rather than looking for shortcuts. Finished and in good time. I felt better at the end, but not great. Enough to not be  total wreck the rest of the day. And a day on the bike is always better than not.

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